Saturday, July 24, 2010

Of unity with my childhood

Whenever I start reminiscing events from my past, I notice the following:

  • I can revoke it as I lived it then, involving all external characters, the situation, surrounding, etc.
  • I generally speak in the first-person, ie., I did this, I saw this. (Even while re-running the reel of the past, I can see myself addressing or referring to the others in memory as 'you' or 'they')
After the memory is exhausted, I can feel that it is connected to some other event of my life before or after it. Sometimes, I can even conjure up certain of my set-practices and beliefs as springing from some of these events. More and more, this leads me to believe as if I am still the same at the basic, and just more and more has been added to or subtracted from it. It is in some ways a solidarity with myself, a kind of a constancy.

25th July, 2010

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